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Cover J-PegGather round, folks. Pull up a chair. Grab a drink. Make yourself comfortable…while you still can. There’s a maniac loose in society, and he’s here to tell you some stories.

Stories of the vengeful ghosts, psychotic vagrants, zombie dogs, junkies, musicians, traumatized Veterans, road-tripping vampires, church socials that go demonically wrong, and shady antiques dealers, all of whom haunt the backroads and small towns of Vermont.

Stories of ruthless men and women who live and die by the sword, driven by untamed, primordial passions, hacking out their survival in ancient, devil-haunted realms.

Welcome to Story Time With Crazy Uncle Matt. Don’t get lost, unless that’s what you came here to do.

The Room Above The Bar On River Street
Kids Say The Weirdest Things
No One Rides For Free
Have Some Dragon’s Blood
Paulie, Ronnie, and Michelle
Lambs of Slaughter in Blue and Gold
Dead Men, Dead Dogs, Tasty Bacon
Just Chew Your Way Out
Useful Instincts
Island of Skulls
The Reverend
The Proper Word is Blackmail
Nagga Mountain Blues

“Matt Spencer’s work is hard-nosed, driven prose that doesn’t even know how to pull a punch. He manages an unflinching glare at the worst of humanity and well recognizes that what can make someone heroic can, at the same time, make that person antithetical to polite society. If you’ve gotten your fill of so-called polite fiction and looking for writing that latches on like a Doberman, refusing to let go, these are the stories for you. This isn’t your everyday fiction, and most assuredly isn’t for everyone, but if you like it dark, then this is the writer for you.” – Matthew Gomez, Broadswords and Blasters

“Spencer is a genius…(His) dark and masterful storytelling teases you with the plot until you can’t take it anymore… then he more than delivers on his promises.” – Amanda Fish of The Amanda Fish Band

The Deschembine Trilogy 


The Night And The Land Art-001 TEXT

Among the local hippies and squatters of Brattleboro, Vermont, Sally Wildfire is on the run, hiding from her cruel, relentless family. She finds unexpected love with Rob, a bristly young man freshly awoken to alien sensations and ancestral memories of a long-forgotten realm…setting them both on a collision course with a brutal rite of passage, as the Wildfire family leaves a trail of mangled corpses on the road to Brattleboro.

“Steers straight into the horror…of being out of control, the stomach turning nausea of combat, the terror of your parents being monsters and what that does to their children…I’d recommend this book, especially to people who enjoy writers such as Richard Kadrey, Jim Butcher, and Kim Harrison.” – Dark Perceptions

“An exciting voice I look forward to reading more from, and the truth is that he and Damnation Press have done a thorough job of entertaining me, which is rare.” – Drunk in a Graveyard 
“A wild ride through horrific mysticism and lore” – Vermont Views

The Trail Of The Beast

Five years ago, Rob and Sally fled Brattleboro, Vermont. Now married, they are hiding out in a Florida backwater, hunted by both sides of the ancient, otherworldly feud between the refugees of the realm of Deschemb. Meanwhile, Sheldon follows a series of disturbing visions back to Brattleboro. Jesse and Zane’s search for the High Natural lands them at the center of a web of secrets and poison magic in New Orleans.

Within the lands, ancient forces rise towards consciousness, threatening to reshape the world on a cataclysmic scale.

Frederick Hawthorne


Victorian Whitechapel pub owner, Frederick Hawthorne discovers the ominous origin of an otherworldly pocket watch. Soon he is caught in a feud between ancient beings, stretching back to the witch trials of the seventeenth century.

Cover with border

LONDON’S EAST END, 1884 – Nobody much cares what’s become of one missing whore…No one except Frederick Hawthorne, the scarred, wolfish, ruthlessly cunning proprietor of The Devil’s Draft pub of Whitechapel. Scouring the docks, taverns, brothels, back alleys, fetid tenements, and crumbling abandoned factories of Victorian London’s murky underbelly, Hawthorne is soon lost a maze of mystic artifacts, witchcraft, demonic possession, murder, deadly alliances, family secrets, and a sadistic master swordsman…leading to a ghastly secret, stretching back to the days of the Black Death.

Formal Dinner and Demon Dreams coverDragons of the East End cover

A pair of early Hawthorne novellas, available from Amazon as Kindle-singles.

OthersSummer Reaping cover

Tom Blye’s not sure how he found the rotting backwater town of Summerset, or how to leave. He’s also concerned about the attention he’s getting from the local pastor who runs things around here…not to mention the pastor’s personal gang of thugs and his fiery, sexy, shifty-eyed assistant. It has something to do with the stolen medallion hanging from Tom’s neck, and the things watching and waiting in the fields and forests by night.

When the church bells ring, the town of Summerset will scream.

The Drifting Soul cover

To the snow-blanketed forest comes the wandering sorcerer, in pursuit of his one true love, haunted by the scars of memory and the phantom of a bitter,demonic mentor.In the old deserted house, reality blends with the deadliest fantasies, where the only escape lies on the path of The Drifting Soul.

Shadow Ballads cover

A collection of early short-fiction. Enjoy. We take no responsibility for your safety here.

Anthology Appearances 

Broadswords and Blasters 1

Broadswords and Blasters 2

Broadswords and Blasters, issues 1 and 2 – Pulp isn’t dead! In this, the debut issue of Broadswords and Blasters, readers will encounter subterranean horrors, time traveling lovers, space Mafia, two-fisted private investigators, and torturers turned political activists. (Contains my two-part serial adventure “Island of Skulls”)


killer-tracks cover

From 13 O’Clock Press – Animal tracks, railroad tracks, there are many and various interpretations of the word and Thirteen’s talented authors have explored them in their inimitable way, to bring you a diverse set of stories. Walk with them in the tracks they have created and see what horrors, gore and surprises await you…(Contains the flash-fic piece “The Old Station Through The Trees”)

X3 cover

From 13 O’Clock Press –  X3 is a diverse and intriguing collection of stories which are weird, unclassifiable and experimental…Dive into the eclectic mix and enjoy a wide range of stories from Thirteen’s impressive authors who raided their archives for extraordinary tales – and look out for more editions soon. (Contains my story “Paulie, Ronnie, and Michelle”)

X4 cover

From 13 O’Clock Press – More weird, unclassifiable, experimental delights from the editors of X3. (Contains my story “Kids Say The Weirdest Things”)

Detectives of the Fantastic 2 cover

From 13 O’Clock Press – Join editor George Wilhite and the authors of Thirteen O’Clock Press on a hunt for the bizarre and strange. They’re just stories…right? (Contains my story “The Room Above the Bar on River Street”)


From 13 O’Clock Press – More fiendish tales of supernatural sleuths. (Contains my story “The Proper Word Is Blackmail”)

Barbarian Crowns II

From Rogue Planet Press – Sword wielding barbarians wander the opulent Southlands, battling warriors and wizards in decadent cities of wealth, intrigue and sorcery; cruel warlords, sinister magicians, beautiful princesses, thieves, rogues and pirates are brought into stark relief by a lush, vivid backdrop of jungles and mountains, oceans and deserts tainted with cosmic evil from the outer darkness…For a second time we invite you to a “purple and golden and crimson universe where anything can happen—except the tedious.” (Contains my story “Nagga Mounain Blues”)


From Barbwire Butterfly Books – Weapons of power can be double edged. For every enchanted blade there is a cursed sword. The warrior who wields one of these weapons will triumph against foe after foe, and yet the blade may be his own downfall. Tyrfing, forged by dwarfs under duress, had three curses to leaven its three virtues. Kullervo used the talking sword of the god Ukko to slay all his foes, and yet in the end it was with that blade that the troubled hero took his own life. Elric’s sentient blade Stormbringer drank the blood and souls of its victims in return for victory in the fight, but it was an uneasy, Faustian pact between swordsman and sword, ending in tragedy…(Contains my story “Just Chew Your Way Out”)

Once Bitten copy

From 13 O’Clock Press – Welcome to the real vampire diaries. In these tales we observe the mythical vampire in its natural state. Dare you follow the blood red rabbit down the corridor of endless eternity? (Contains my story “No One Rides For Free”)

Midnight Ghosts cover

From 13 O’Clock Press – Ghosts walk at night, when they can be seen against the darkness, ghosts haunt houses, deserted crossroads, silenced cars… ghosts can be anywhere, any place around midnight. Ghost stories are always a challenge and the Thirteen authors met that challenge superbly in this varied and fascinating collection of ghost stories. Enjoy – in the daylight. (Contains my story “The Reverend”)

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