Read Stories Online

Some old Spencer yarns are still around in various archives, to read for free online.

The Song of SkybrooksAn early tale, where we get to know some of the supporting characters in The Drifting Soul a little better.

The Red Duke – (Bewildering Stories Year’s Best Award-Winner, 2009) A younger Frederick Hawthorne makes a risky gamble for vengeance, against a supernatural gang-boss who wronged his family and a society woman who sent his friend to the gallows.

The Happy SpecterMeet Cassius Morningstar, an outlaw sorcerer-swordsman with a talent for pissing off everyone…even when he’s caught in the middle of a boiling conflict between Imperial mercenaries and a seductive jungle-sorceress. 

The Crystal GhostCassius Morningstar and the warrior-woman Aschira fight their way through an irate mob of townsfolk, to an ancient temple unearthed in a devastating flood. His beautiful, fiery companion has her own agenda, though.

Petticoat Lane – (Aphelion Year’s Best Award-Winner, 2012) A night out with some unsavory young lads in the Victorian East End, who make the mistake of trifling with the Artifactition.


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