First review of the new edition of The Night and the Land

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Matt Spencer is back with a new edition of his debut novel, THE NIGHT AND THE LAND. It dropped yesterday on May, 13th from Back Roads Carnival Books, but I was happy to read and review the new edition.

Book one of the Deschembine trilogy, we follow Sally Wildfire, who is on the run from her heartless family. Hiding among the exiles of mainstream society, Sally falls in love with Rob, a man with memories of a long gone realm and placing them both on a road to a violent rite of passage. Meanwhile, Sally’s family leaves their mark on the countryside on their way to Brattleboro, where the pair are hiding, marked by blood and corpses.

Coming off his newest novel, Changing of the Guards, this story reads slightly rougher around the edges, but at it’s core is still the fast wit and brutal action that is a…

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